Shiraz - UCB 3x3 Tournament 2013

I like watching this. It’s been some time since the Jump on Three family has taken the stage together, so anytime any of us get to perform together it feels special. Phil is unflappable in this and Maelle is one of the most fearless players that exists.

It’s strange for me to have people I trust so genuinely, on stage or otherwise. Though we’ve been pulled to other ends of the world and careers, it’s fun to step in front of an audience with these people who I came up with and see no matter how withered the improv vines might be, the trust part of the garden still has flowers.

Good times, not necessarily the past yet, but still good to remember.

JD + Maelle + Phil = THE BEST

CS/WS Fri 3/28 @ Midnight with R.L. STINE!


On Friday March 28th at Midnight UCB’s alternative comedy showcase show COOL SHIT/WEIRD SHIT will be hosting “An Experimental Reading of Fiction.” Our very special guest is the one, the only R.L. STINE!!! The show will consist of published authors and comedians reading new works, in…

11 year old Matt Dennie wouldn’t believe this show is happening.

A stapler and a tape dispenser fall in love and get it on.


Written by & Starring Mat Dennie & Josh Sharp

Directed By Maelle Doliveux

Shot by Pavel Ezrohi

Sound by Dan Moore

Guest Appearance by Anthony Apruzzese


"The Golden Nipple Ring: An Epic Journey" Fri 1/24 @ Midnight



Instead of COOL SHIT/WEIRD SHIT, this month Matt Dennie and Josh Sharp present the epic fantasy story “THE GOLDEN NIPPLE RING” live on stage at the UCB East Theatre. Set in a land not unlike our own, THE GOLDEN NIPPLE RING follows two goat people, Matt & Josh, as they embark on an perilous…

Baby that’s a hot lineup


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Friday, 12/13 - Matt Dennie’s Birthday!


This Friday’s COOL SHIT/WEIRD SHIT is a surprise special birthday party for Matt Dennie! He doesn’t know what is going to happen! Come out for fun and festivities and experimental comedy!


It’s my birthday/show on Friday!

Cool Shit/Weird Shit: 11/15 Show - The Thanksgiving Day Parade!


The UCB East Theatre brings you it’s first annual COOL SHIT/WEIRD SHIT Thanksgiving parade live from the theatre. Come see some of your favorite acts and floats all from the comfort of your seat.

Friday November 15th at Midnight
UCB East Theatre
Tickets are $5 and available here:


Episode 6: The Halloween Spectre

Jack’s roommate goes out to a Halloween party, but Jack isn’t alone.

Jack — Vincent
Matt the Roommate — Matt Dennie
Ghost — Hao Lian
Shot by Ian Stroud

Written By Vincent Moore and Matt Dennie
Directed, and Edited By Matt Dennie

Super SPOOKY everyone!


Episode 5: Coffee Run

Jack gets coffee for his roomies.

Jack — Vincent
Texter— Cameron McCall
Shoe Tier — Joey Price
Green Peace Activist — Eric Gersen
Woman with Grocery Bags — Kris Wiener
Angry Couple (Woman) — Amanda Ratti
Angry Couple (Man) — Francis Alexander Hamilton
Wiffle Ball Batter — Joey Price
Wiffle Ball Pitcher — Peter Sherer
Bleeding Man — Eric Gersen
Camper — Kris Wiener
Crowd — Joey Price, Amanda Ratti, Francis Alexander Hamilton
Cockroach — Cameron McCall
Doppelganger — Peter Sherer

Written By Vincent Moore and Matt Dennie
Shot, Directed, and Edited By Matt Dennie


Episode 4: Lending a Hand

Jack helps an old lady cross the street, but gets involved in more than that.

Jack — Vincent
Old Lady — Matt Dennie
Shot by — Francis Hamilton

Written By Vince Moore and Matt Dennie
Directed and Edited By Matt Dennie

I am an old lady in this one.


Episode 3: Laundry

Jack does laundry in his new neighborhoods… and brings home more than his clothes.

Jack — Vincent
Robber — Matt Dennie
Shot by Hao Lian

Written By Vince Moore and Matt Dennie
Directed and Edited By Matt Dennie

This is a good one!